The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email – Sep 5, 2021

By Bruno Souza | book

Sep 05

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Is “writing a book” a skill?

We sometimes treat as if it is…
“I’d like to write a book, but I’m not good enough at it”.
(I said that many times in my life…)

I think it is like software development…
Or playing basketball.

Although we treat it as a skill, in reality it is an umbrela of skills.


But it is a dream many people have…
(Plant a tree. Write a book. I’m sure you heard that…)

Have you ever though about writing a book someday ?

After doing it a few times, I have one suggestion:
Start writing!

It really worked for me!

When I started writing The Little Book of Speaking Talent, I only did it for 5 min every day… That helped me start.


“You don’t have to be a genius” — Austin Kleon

This is the title of the first chapter from the book “Show Your Work”.
It was a big inspiration to me.

Removing the weight of having to be a genius helped me overcome my fear of writing a book.

So, when I decided to write The Little Book of Speaking Talent, it was not because I’m a speaking genius.

It’s the opposite!

It’s exactly because I struggle and mess things up.
Because I’m afraid and get nervous before a talk…
It’s because I don’t know what to say or write…

Exactly because I’m NOT a genius speaker,
I had to struggle, to try, to practice and to improve.
I had to learn how to face my fears…

After all that,
I at least can share with YOU what I did that worked.
(and what I did that failed miserably…)


I could try to say that The Little Book of Speaking Talent is a unique book.
(Maybe all authors want to say that?)

But what I find interesting about it is that it is written by a developer for other developers.

I’m not a professional speaker.
(and I imagine you are not either…)

I use speaking to grow my career.
To learn new tech and be a better developer.
To get customers and work on projects.

I don’t build a career to speak…
I speak to build a career!

If this is you, The Little Book of Speaking Talent will help you grow your career by using the best skill to make that happen!


Daniel Coyle is the person of this week.

Without him, my book would not exist.

It was Daniel’s book — The Talent Code — that made me understand what skills are.

It was his follow up book — The Little Book of Talent — that inspired me to write about speaking.

You see… Daniel laid the groundwork and the scientific understanding so you can improve any skill.
(His 3 books about this are AMAZING!)

The key here is ANY skill…
Daniel Coyle writes generically.
(As he should!)

But… I want to help YOU grow YOUR career.

So, I focused on ONE skill.
The one SKILL that can transform your technical career.
The one skill technical people tend to OVERLOOK.

The Little Book of Speaking Talent gets the 52 science backed tips that Daniel Coyle introduces, and focus on helping YOU build THE skill that can accelerate your career 5 times.


Whhhhaaat? 52 tips?
C’mon Bruno… This is way too much…
It will take me forever to read that!

This is the interesting thing about this book.
It is short. Very short and to the point.

You don’t even need to read it all.
Choose a few tips, apply them, improve your speaking.
Then, come back later to get a couple more.

And grow your career in every single step.


But… Here is the thing…
The Little Book of Speaking Talent is not available yet…
It will come out this Wednesday, September 8.

If you want to be the FIRST to know when it comes out…
I dare you to get my free ebook — Low Hanging Talks — that has 9 of the 52 tips!

You start with that free ebook, and AS SOON as I have the page ready for The Little Book of Speaking Talent, I’ll send you an email!

Hope you enjoyed those tips! Let me know what you need to get your career moving!


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Software developers have a huge impact in the world, and can effectively improve the planet. This is why Bruno Souza is passionate about developer communities and has dedicate his life to help developers worldwide reach their true potential. The "Brazilian JavaMan" is a Java Developer at Summa Technologies, and a Cloud Specialist at ToolsCloud, where he participated in some of the largest Java projects in Brazil. President of SouJava and Director at the Open Source Initiative, Bruno believes Java and Open Source to be the path to career excellency for developers everywhere, and that taking responsibility for delivering software is the mark of great developers.