Taking Risks – The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email – Oct 24, 2021

By Bruno Souza | life

Oct 24

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I was writing about taking risks…

Then, a close friend of mine told me that a car accident just killed his younger brother.


Our lives are fragile.

Even small risks we take everyday like driving, getting the bus, or hugging a friend, can prove to be fatal risks.

I know that well…

As a teenager, me and my sisters took a small risk.
At least for us it was small…

And that ended up being fatal.

My younger sister, Poliana, died in a car crash.
My older sister, Gisele, ended up 45 days in coma, and to this day struggles with all the sequels from that accident.

That destroyed my family in multiple ways.

And, 35+ years later, it still hurts and causes damages.

Yes. Life is hard.
And sometimes tragedy strikes.

In many ways.
Accidents. Diseases. Natural tragedies.
Government caused tragedies.
People caused tragedies.

Tragedies we bring upon ourselves.

Bruno… Isn’t this supposed to be a light and fun weekly email?

I’m sorry I’m a little gloom today with the news I just received…

Tragedy is not “positive”…

But, we can take lessons out of it.

And we can try to make the best of our lives, even though we go trough terrible experiences.

Because… What is the alternative?
Just give up? And make things even worst?

What takes us back to skills…

Skills are, in the end,
the strongest pathway our brain takes.
The one that we take more often.
The one we practice more.

The skill we need to build for moments like this is the skill to look for alternatives, look for lessons.

It is to train our brain to build something good of the situation, even when there is no easy or seemly positive path out of it.

It is not easy.
But can be done.


“The best time to plant a tree is 30 years ago.
The second best time is today…”
Said some smart gardener…

We can paraphrase that…

The best moment to build the skill of finding lessons is 30 years ago.
The second best time is today.

We can’t wait for bad situations to build the mindset of looking for lessons…

We can, and should, build that skill daily.

When little setbacks happen.
Instead of complaining and whining,
force yourself to look for lessons and the positive side of things.


Whining and complaining will not take you far.

But you can become a unique strength in your family, your team, your country if you are the person able to see alternatives in the most difficult moments.

For that…

Practice gratitude.
Celebrate your success.

Even for the small things.


My thoughts today go to my friend and his family.

And goes to you.
Because I know you are struggling with something.

Be it personal or professional.
Recent or long past.
Big or small.

We all deal with tragedy some way or another.


Build the mindset needed to think more positive and build happiness.

This will help you deal with the hard moments.

This interesting article will show you 11 scientific proven ways to prepare your brain.


It takes courage to face our most terrible moments and our worst tragedies.

Dare to build the skills to face those moments.

Dare to prepare to be your best.

Hope you enjoyed those tips! I’l be waiting your email so I can help you to keep your career moving.

the “learn from tragedy”-man


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