Urgent or Important – The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email – Oct 31, 2021

By Bruno Souza | book

Oct 31

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Have you ever felt like several days passed (or weeks, or even months) and nothing happened?

You were very busy, and worked a lot…
Maybe even staying late or working weekends…
You run around solving urgent problems…

But… You still feel like you are stuck…
That nothing really happened…

I fell like this sometimes…

We usually feel like this when we are stuck putting out fires and urgent problems, but we don’t do what we believe needs to be done.


Charles E. Hummel, author of “Tyranny of the Urgent” says that
“our greatest danger in life is in permitting the urgent things to crowd out the important.”

“our greatest danger in life is in permitting the urgent things to crowd out the important.”

Charles E. Hummel

Because urgent things show up all the time.
(And we do have to deal with them…)


If we only focus on the urgent…
We never get to do what is IMPORTANT to do!

Selecting the IMPORTANT, and find a bit of time to focus on this everyday, is a very important skill, that we need to cultivate.


“Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’ try saying ‘it’s not a priority’, and see how that feels.”

Laura Vanderkam

When you frame things in terms of priorities for you
(your job, your family…)
you start having a different perspective on time.

It is true that time is limited, and we don’t have time to do everything.

But we DO have time to do the IMPORTANT things!

The question is… What are they?

For each person, it is different.

Use Laura’s “it’s not a priority” suggestion to help you figure that out.


What is the UNIQUE thing that matters most to you?

Make a list of the most important things.
Your most important goals and objectives.
What you REALLY want to accomplish.

Choose the goals that are the your TOP priorities.

Stop saying you don’t have time for those.

(I want to help you find the UNIQUE thing…)


This week, I’d like to propose a little project…

I wrote a book — The Best Developer Year — exactly to help YOU think about your priorities, so you can plan and have an amazing year.

It is a quick book to read.

My proposal is that this week, you read the book and answer the questions.

Once you do that, reply to this email, and I’ll schedule a conversation with you, to go over your yearly plan, and make sure you achieve all that you want.


Download The Best Developer Year for free here!


“Do what brings more value. Not what brings more busyness.”

Eben Pagan

Many people have this problem of lack of time…
I get questions about it almost everyday…

What I find interesting is that every time someone schedule a conversation with me,
and we talk about things,
and find the right priorities…

Suddenly people find all the time they need to do them!

But it all starts with knowing where you want to go.

Download the book now. Find where you want to go.


It is daring to go after our priorities.
What if we can’t do them?
What if we are wrong?
It is scary.

It can make all the difference.

With a little help, this can be a great adventure!

I’d like to help you, if you let me.

Read the book.
Answer the questions.
Reply to this email so we can schedule a call.

I’ll walk your path with you …
You just have to think about that path.

Hope you enjoyed those tips! I’l be waiting your email so I can help you to keep your career moving.

the “priority for an amazing year”-man


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