Burnout is no joke…

By Bruno Souza | habit

May 18

The other day I read a joke on the internet:

My favorite question on the job interview is:
What do you want to become after the burnout?

(I’m not sure if we are supposed to laugh or cry at that joke…)

The more developers I talk to, the more it seems burnout is just a part of the job.

I was talking with a mentee a few days ago, and he told me: I prefer to work on a lower pay job. I can’t risk another burnout here.

Most people think that a good indication of burnout is when you start to get tired because you are working too much.
But being tired is no indication of burnout!

I’m sure you get dead tired after spending a week vacationing on the mountains, riding horses, jumping in freezing cold waterfalls with butterflies landing in your hat…
(True story!)

Noooo… You can become very tired, and not moving any closer to burnout!

The best indication of burnout? Resentment.

When you start to resent the things you did. Resent the effort you put. Resent the people you helped.

And that happens because you see no results.

You do things. No results.
You put a lot of effort. No results.
You help everyone around you. No results.

How long will it take before you are unmotivated, tired, mad and resentful?

If you have an exceptionally good nature, and you take all of that as part of the job, and you accept all the punches… It may take quite some time.
But when it finally hits you, you may find yourself in a hospital bed…
(Also a true story!)

What is the best remedy agains burnout?


Knowing why you are doing what you are doing.
Finding the real results behind your actions.
Understand what is valuable FOR YOU!

Do you feel any resentment right now in your career?
Even if it is small things:
– I don’t like my company or my job
– I’m upset with my boss or my colleagues
– I’d rather work in a lower pay job than here
– I’m tired of my family interrupting me
– I’m just tired and unmotivated
– I feel guilty and unhappy

Resentment builds up. And will eventually destroy you.

If you want to build a plan to get you out of that path, long before you burnout, you can get daily tips to grow your developer career here: https://code4.life

The “butterfly in the hat”-man


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