The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email – Oct 3, 2021

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Oct 03

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We may think that patience is something we have or don’t…

But patience is a skill. It can be developed and improved.

Many people get themselves in big difficulties, because they lack patience.

Many times, all of us get ourselves into problems for lacking patience.

It is that impulsive decision that breaks the build.
Or that action that destroys the last several hours of work.
That outburst of anger that can brake our relationship…

Many things cannot be undone or unsaid.

Patience helps us decide when it is the right time to act.


“Patience to accept the things that I can’t change…”

Sometimes, patience is the only tool at our disposal…

Nothing can be done.
Nothing can be said.
No action will fix it.
(Maybe time will?)

We have to wait and accept.


Usually, skills are things we do.

Patience is a unique skill…

Because is the skill of not doing.
Of waiting.

The real skill is in calming ourselves.
While we look for the right moment to act.


During the most stressful project I ever participated in, our patience was pushed beyond all reasonable limits…

The customer was rude, unreasonable, lying and disrespectful.

My friend Mike Liaw kept the cool during it all…

I think he does that by always looking at the positive side.

Mike looks for and finds good reasons why things are the way they are.

Maybe patience has something to do with optimism?
Maybe not directly, but I’m sure they go along very well!


“Strength to change the things I can change…”

Because we sometimes have to accept things patiently, some people may think patience is apathy or lack of action.

There is an interesting contradiction around patience:
In a way, patience is not taking action…
But in reality, it is taking the action of not taking action!

Being patient is taking the action of calming yourself when other actions, seemly faster actions, are not helpful.


“Wisdom to know the difference.”

Dare to not take action.
This may be the most difficult action you can take.

Read a good book.

Build some more wisdom.
Practice some more patience.

Hope you enjoyed those tips! Let me know what you need to get your career moving!

the “looking for more patience”-man.

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