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By Bruno Souza | code

Oct 10

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There is a Netflix series I like a lot, Lucifer.

If you never heard of it, the main caracter, Lucifer, is the Devil himself. He got tired of Hell and is spending some fun time on earth. He and his whole family of Angels and all the rest. (The Theology of the series… It’s nuts!)

If you haven’t watched it, I totally recommend. It is based on the work from Neil Gaiman.

(And… If you have never read Neil Gaiman, the author of Sandman and Coraline, you should…)

Anyway… Lucifer is a charming character. The whole show is around his charming personality.

But… He never listens to people.
(This is one of the main comical elements of the series).

In the episode I watched this week, he is trying to make amends with a person. He just goes and do the most amazing things to get her to like him. All of them fall flat and are not well received…

The one thing he doesn’t do is…


Very annoying when someone just does whatever they want to do.

They may use the excuse that they are trying to help, or they are doing it for you.

But helping involves understanding what the other person wants or needs.

It is not easy.

Most of the time, we don’t even know what we want, much less what we need.


You can start by listening.

Asking questions is an amazing skill.
Listening (really listening!) to the answers is also another amazing skill.

Practice asking.
Practice listening.

I try to do that… I’m always open to help you on your career journey, and I love to hear the problems you are facing.

So… Tell me …
What is that you truly desire?


“Your WHY is always in relation to the contributions and the impact you have on other people.” — Simon Sinek

When you search for your focus and for your life’s purpose, you will eventually find out that our purpose is never about ourselves.

It is always about someone else.

Start to listen to people around you…

Listen to their problems and issues…
Understand their dreams and desires…
Empathize with their fears and point of view…

The sooner you do that, the faster you will connect with your why and your purpose.

And that will make you speed ahead in your career…


Many people want to be charming like Lucifer.

Have a strong and imposing presence.
Be able to say and do things that impress those around.
Be confident and fearless.

Does that sounds hard?
Or worst… Does that sounds like someone that is NOT you?

It is definitely NOT who I am…


There is a unique, and probably more natural way, for you to be charming.

(I happen to think it is also easier…)

Instead of speaking…
You can listen.

Really listen.

Ask a question.
And while the other person responds, instead of be thinking of what you will say or on the comments you can add…
Just… Listen.
Focus on the person right there.



This week I was inspired by the interview Donald Knuth gave to Lex Friedman.

I’m sure you heard of him. He is one of the top minds in the history of computer science, know as the “father of the analysis of algorithms”.

Maybe you had the opportunity to learn from his “The Art of Computer Programming” book.

Anyway… In this interview, Mr. Knuth talked about Computer Science, Machine Learning and the Meaning of Life.

Very worth it!


What I find interesting about a serie like Lucifer or so many others, is how they are able to grab your attention. And don’t let it go…

(What? 2am, and I’m still here watching it?
Ok… Last one… Oh no! 7am! Arrrghhh!)

Yeah… Wouldn’t be awesome if we could do the same thing for things that are good for our career?

(Uau! This is the 2nd blog post I write this month.
Ok… Just one more… What? I wrote 7 posts!!)

It is possible…
For that, you need to build habits.

Daily habits are like series.
You do a little every day, and once you realize, you’ve gone through many seasons.


How about we start creating the habit of listening?
Next conversation you have, make the point of asking questions and truly listening!

Or… You can create any other habit you need.
Just start small.
5 min a day is a good start.

Reply to this email and tell me what habit you want to build, and that you will commit to do 5 min a day for the next few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed those tips! I’l be waiting your email so I can help you to keep your career moving!

the “keep listening”-man

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