5 Days to an Amazing Presentation – Day 2 – Titles

By Bruno Souza | event

Oct 19

This is post 2 in a series, to help you better prepare to submit talks to events.

This training can be used to submit papers to any event, but this week we have a special opportunity to submit talks to The Developers Conference, that has a Call For Papers (CFP) open.

First lesson we discuss What is a Presentation.
Second lesson focus on Defining the Presentation Title.
Third lesson we create your Presentation Content.
Fourth lesson is all about Abstracts.
Fifth and final lesson we Polish things up and Submit.

Let’s dive in on Day 2!

On our first email, we discussed the most important aspects of a presentation.

But… For people to decide if they will come to watch or not your presentation…
And also for the committee to decide if they will or not select your talk…

They need to think your presentation will be great.

And when they will decide that?

When they read the title of your presentation.

Presentation Title

The title of your presentation is extremely important, it can make or break your submission.

Most people in the event will at most see your title. Very few people will read anything else before coming to your talk.

More important…

Although the selection committee will probably read the full submission, once they read your title they will have a pretty formed decision if the talk should be considered or not.

That’s how important the title is.

The title is the first impression the committee will have of your submission. It will be the first thing they see. And that first impression will be in their minds while they read the rest of your submission (abstract, your bio, etc).

A presentation with a bad title will be read critically, because the title already made it look boring or non relevant.

A presentation with a great title will be read more positively, because the title already made it interesting and desirable.

My suggestion is that you write at least 5 titles for your presentation, and experiment with people around you, to see how they like and how interesting they think it is.

Great speakers experiment by writing 10 or more titles!

Be very critical of your titles.
Remove anything that is unclear.
Don’t try to be clever, focus on clarity.

What is in a title?

The title should make clear WHO should watch your presentation, and what is the PROBLEM you intend to solve.

It can also show what is the TRANSFORMATION that WHO will go through.

You can also mention in the title a hint of the CONTENT you will discuss, like the main topic your CONTENT is about.

So, use WHO, PROBLEM, CONTENT and the TRANSFORMATION to create interesting titles.

Templates and Exercise

The best way to create awesome titles is to create many titles and experiment with friends and colleagues.

You can start using pre-made templates to get inspiration.

Templates are just a starting point.
Experiment with different words and different ideas.
Try out different templates for the same talk.

Create ate least 5 titles for each of your presentations.

Here are some templates, with example usages, that you can start with:

The New Way
The new strategy you can use to TRANSFORMATION
The new strategy you can use to be recognized as an expert in the market

Good Without Bad
More recognition without feeling impostor syndrome

Simple System
The ultra simple system WHO are using to TRANSFORMATION
The ultra simple system Java Developers are using to release software faster

Risk And Costly Mistakes
The deadly CONTENT mistake that kills TRANSFORMATION every time
The deadly containers mistake that kills project success every time

The Unique Mechanism
The unique CONTENT system we use to help WHO to TRANSFORMATION
The unique container system we use to help Java developers to release software faster

Are you tired of PROBLEM?
Are you tired of impostor syndrome?

Is PROBLEM preventing you from reaching your CONTENT goals?
Is lack of security preventing you from reaching your usage of container goals?

Secret CONTENT strategies that only elite WHO knows…
Secret container strategies that only elite Java developers knows…

Top 5 Reasons
The top 5 reasons most WHO never TRANSFORMATION
The top 5 reasons most Java developers never release software on time

Weird Trick
The ONE WEIRD CONTENT TRICK our clients are using to TRANSFORMATION (HINT: it’s not what you think)
The ONE WEIRD container TRICK our clients are using to release software on time (HINT: it’s not what you think)

The New Rules Of…
The new rules of CONTENT for WHO
The new rules of scalability and performance for Java developers

How to go from totally frustrated with PROBLEM to totally crushing your CONTENT goals right now!
How to go from totally frustrated with lack of security to totally crushing your containers goals right now!

The SECRET our clients are using to TRANSFORMATION
The SECRET our clients are using to be recognized as experts

Have you already created the account on TDC call for papers site?
If not, do it now, and take a look at the other things you need to submit when submitting a talk.

Create an account at the TDC CFP site.

Tomorrow, on the third post, we will work on the abstract.

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See you soon!
the “title is your first impression”-man

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