When do I know it’s time to drop my project?

By Bruno Souza | work

Sep 11

After investing a lot of time doing a project (a personal project, or your own company for example) you expect some measure of success.

I discussed previously what to do when your job is Not working out… When it’s time to give up? But what if it’s a project?

If you are doing a project because you want to, you have more flexibility on how and if you should continue to invest in it.

Deciding if it still worth doing one more push is a hard dilemma. On twitter, Yara Senger was pondering about it and Elder Moraes called it “the one million dollar question”.

Today’s video will focus on the project side of this question.

Have you ever had this dilemma, and had to give up? When did you think was the right time to make this decision?

How about deciding to give one more try, how did that work for you?

Let me know in the comments below!


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