Not working out… When it’s time to give up?

By Bruno Souza | work

Sep 08

After investing a lot of time in a job inside a company (or maybe in a project) you expect success and results.

What happens, when that doesn’t come?

Do you give up?
Or try a bit harder?
Maybe one last push will do it?

This is a hard dilemma, one that on twitter Yara Senger was pondering after getting asked in a presentation. Elder Moraes even called it “the one million dollar question”.

I would like to separate this problem in two, that I think are slightly different.

On the video today, I’ll address the “what if my JOB is not working out? When it’s time to give up?” question.

Have you ever had this dilemma, and had to give up? When did you think was the right time to make this decision?

How about deciding to give one more try, how did that work for you?

Let me know in the comments below!


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Emerson a couple of years ago

Very good! That was great advices! You always said something like “Be the best you can” and, now, it is a way of life for me.
It is never time to give up. It is always time to be better, listen and see the world around.

    Bruno Souza a couple of years ago

    Thanks Emerson. Taking responsibility for being better is taking leadership of your career. Congrats!

Ursula a couple of years ago

I want to thank you Bruno for helping me change my outlook and attitude. I never thought about being considered a quitter if you leave a bad position but this makes sense to me. After watching your video I realized that I must keep doing my best work, even when faced with very negative circumstances and then I hope the good things will follow. Thank you for your inspiration.

    Bruno Souza a couple of years ago

    Hey Ursula! Yes, congrats on wanting to be your best! Just note that it is not “hope the good things will follow”… No, you will work to make them happen! Hopping without doing it won’t take you anywhere. I’ll write more about this soon!

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Kelvin a couple of years ago

Awesome! Giving your best version is a great advice. You doing your best work is the way to success, it is inevitable.

    Bruno Souza a couple of years ago

    Thanks Kelvin!
    So… What are you struggling with? Is there anything making it difficult for you to do your best work?

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