The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email – Jun 27, 2021

By Bruno Souza | book

Jun 27

This is my first S.T.U.P.I.D. email!

the S.T.U.P.I.D. Email

(Skill, Thought, Unique, Person, Interesting, Daring)
A fun, weekly round of Career ideas!


This past week it was JLove event.
I asked the same question to several speakers:
what is the most important skill that helped you advance your career?

The answer: Communication.

Sometimes we like to think that communication is less important for developers…

Yeah, we understand it has importance…
It is important to communicate well with the team…
Like explaining an architecture decision in a meeting…
Or negotiating which part of the project you will run…
And obviously, communicating in a job interview…

Yeah, but… Those are secondary parts right?

(I don’t think so, but let’s go with it, and accept they are secondary…)

Now… Writing clear code is communication…
You write clear code for other devs…
Not for the compiler…
(The compiler really doesn’t care…)

More important…
You write clear code FOR YOURSELF.

You. In the future.
It’s like communicating with another person 🙂
(I even think it is harder…
It is hard to explain something to stupid, stubborn me…)


“There are two types of people.
Those that create excuses, and those that take action and make things happen.”

I just got an email from Ryan Lavesque, with that phrase.

He also says that “we get to choose what type we will be”.

This week, I had a potential customer that gave me excuses.
No time.
No money.
Not right now.

Yeah, all good reasons.
We can be very convincing…

Our excuses can really convince our boss, our friends, our team and even our customers.

But, it is when our excuses convince ourselves, that we are doomed.
Because when we convince ourselves, we are choosing the type of person we are.

Convince yourself to take action. Today.


JLove was a unique experience this week. I got to spend time with many friends, and had the chance to hold long, open conversations with people I love and respect, and also people I never met before.

I miss being in a real, in person event. But when we have a chance to hold open conversations with people, even if it is online, I know we are doing the right thing.

I wonder… Would that be something we could do in the next few weeks? Just have open conversations?


5 friends got together and wrote 5 books.
I forgot to talk about those books during JLove, so, I’ll mention them here:

Rafael gave us several Java Challenges.
Scott wrote about Refactoring & Code Smells.
Yugo has great insights on Software Architecture.
Eyal came up ways to apply AI and ML in your project today.
And from me, you get tips about giving talks!

All free. For you.
It’s the Low Hanging Series.
Easy, actionable things you can do today.


This article about Spaced Repetition is a good introduction to the idea.

I’ve been meaning to create some content about it, but haven’t got around to do it yet.

I use Anki, an amazing tool, to apply spaced repetition, and that has really helped me, specially to remember things from books, and also stats and quotes for my talks.


For you to improve your skills, you need to dare, to do risky things.

So, how about this week you take some risk to improve your communication?

I dare you to present something you read or learned this week to someone in your team.
Or to the whole team.

Be bold and write a Twitter post with some idea you had.
If you didn’t have any idea, post about something you enjoy in your profession.
Copy me if you want, so I can see it! I’m @brjavaman on twitter.

Hope you enjoyed those tips! Let me know what you need to get your career moving!



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