The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email – Jul 25, 2021

By Bruno Souza | event

Jul 25

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A fun, weekly round of Career ideas!


This week I came across a video about 10 skills that are hard to learn, but pay off in anything you do in life.

I though it very interesting, not only because the skills are awesome.

But because they highlight something I discussed a lot this week:
What it means to be a senior.

You see, some people think that seniority is about your technical skills.
Or about a specific technology.

Someone even told me the other day:
you can be a senior in one thing, and a junior in other.

I don’t buy that.

And that video is a good example of why!

Let’s say , that in your career, you mastered those 10 skills.

You did that through several projects, companies and challenges.

Just note that the 10 skills in the video are all very generic.
(those are skills useful for ANYTHING you do!)

With those 10 skills…
You will be a pretty awesome and VERY senior professional.

NO MATTER what specific technology you know.

How can just one of the technologies you learn define your seniority?

Yeah, you can be a newbie in something you just learned.

But, you will still be a senior professional, with WAY MORE experience than someone just out of the university for example.

Don’t let a small part of your life
(a specific knowledge about a technology)
define who you are.


“If you move, bring it all with you.”
(Must have been said by a hoarder somewhere…)

But it is true for our lives.

Our skills are encoded in our brains.
(it is a long, slow, expensive biological process, akin to muscle development…)

And this process is triggered by doing things.

Because of that, we are not in a position to just ignore what we did…

So, when you move…
To another job,
new tech,
or a completely new area…

Be a hoarder of SKILLS…
Bring everything with you!

Figure out ways where your old skills are valuable in the new role.


This unique combination of skills, knowledge, experience that you have is what makes you valuable.

And not only to the market…
(many people ask me how to be valuable to the “market”…)

But really, valuable for yourself, your family, your dreams.

Apply your unique combination to everything you do.

That will make everything you do also unique!
That’s your “why” we talked about last week.


My favorite persons of the moment are the speakers of
the second International Developer Career Day!

It is a day to celebrate YOUR career!
During august 6 and 7 you will be able to be together with other TOP professionals like you, to discuss tips and tricks for our careers.

A partial list of confirmed speakers:

Java Champions
     Ken Fogel @omniprof
     Rafael Chinelato del Nero @rafadelnero
     Kirk Pepperdine @kcpeppe

Community Leaders
     Heather Vancura @heathervc
     Mary Grygleski @mgrygles
     Scott Wierschem @scott_wierschem

Senior Developers
     Mark Gardner @markjgardner
     Helber Belmiro @helber_belmiro

The site will be up in the next couple of days,
but you can register for the International Developer Career Day!


Some of the speakers above are also awesome bloggers.
Many build their fame and careers by writing blogs.

That’s why I asked Mark Gardner, that is an AWESOME blogger, to come teach us

how to start and grow a blog that can push your dev career forward.

So, tomorrow, Monday 26,
we will be discussing blogging in a LIVE webinar. Join us!


What? Blog? Be visible? What if I make a mistake?
Or say the wrong thing? What if I don’t have anything to say?

Publishing content…
in a blog
in a book
on social media
or anywhere really…

We are sticking our necks out.
And this IS scary…

But, when we do it, it also brings attention to us in a positive way, and get our careers growing.

So, how about using this week to share something? Come to Mark’s presentation tomorrow, launch your blog, or write one more post!

And when you do it, ping me on twitter, and I’ll help you promote it!

Hope you enjoyed those tips! Let me know what you need to get your career moving!


About the Author

Software developers have a huge impact in the world, and can effectively improve the planet. This is why Bruno Souza is passionate about developer communities and has dedicate his life to help developers worldwide reach their true potential. The "Brazilian JavaMan" is a Java Developer at Summa Technologies, and a Cloud Specialist at ToolsCloud, where he participated in some of the largest Java projects in Brazil. President of SouJava and Director at the Open Source Initiative, Bruno believes Java and Open Source to be the path to career excellency for developers everywhere, and that taking responsibility for delivering software is the mark of great developers.