Accelerate your Developer Career with Code and Lifestyle tips from some of Europe's best Java community leaders!

Bruno Souza and Otávio Santana will tour Germany, Switzerland and Spain, and will visit many Java Champions and JUG Leaders along the way. In each stop, we will broadcast a conversation with those amazing community leaders, to discuss Code and Life!

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Amazing Developers, Sharing their Code & Life Experiences!

Gil Tene

CEO, performance expert, JCP EC member

Simon Ritter

Java evangelist, Rockstar speaker

Christoph Engelbert

Apache Committer, Opensource Enthusiast

Werner Keil

Java architect and DevOps, JCP Executive Committee members, JSR Expert

Michael Hoffer

Java Rockstar, Computer Scientist, 3D developer

Andres Almiray

Java and Groovy Developer, Java Champion

Sven Reimers

Duke's Choice Award Winner, Java Champion, NetBeans Dream Team Member

Toni Epple

Java Champion, Java Rockstar, NetBeans Dream Team Member, Duke's Choice Award Winner

Edson Yanaga

Software craftsman, Java Champion, leader of RedFootJUG

Ruslan Synytsky

Java developer, CEO, Container specialist

Hendrik Ebbers

Java Rockstar, Java(fx)holic, leader of JUG Dortmund

Ixchel Ruiz

Java developer, Speaker

Timo Mankartz

Nerd and founder of Dogado

Frank Pientka

Senior architect from Materna

See the replay of all interviews on the Java Europe Tour!

Andres and Ixchel Interview

Dogado Interview

Micheael Hoffer Interview

Hendrik Interview

Werner Keil Interview

Gil, Simon, Chris Interview

We are reaching out more developers to add to this list! Stay tuned!

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