The Celebrity Developer Blueprint:

Be recognised as an expert software developer. Work in the best projects and with the best teams.

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  • Do you feel your software developer career needs a push?
  • Are you tired of working on boring projects, with little recognition?
  • Would you like to work on the best projects, and with people that will help you grow?

The Celebrity Developer Blueprint is a complete program for professional developers to grow their careers. Turn your passion for software development into exciting career opportunities. Become a Celebrity Developer!

The program is divided in 6 steps!


Problem: Lack of Focus, Unsure which technology to study.
Solution: Understand your unique passion and have a focus. Find your unique talent
Become: Unique developer, that has no competition, focused and ready to persue your goals. Focus on real results!
How? The Celebrity Focus Phrase, Goal Achieving Template, Important Topics Research Plan, The Developer Deliberate Practice Program.


Problem: Many developers don't know how to practice or apply ineffective learning with no clear focus on results.
Solution: Learn Deliberate Practice Techniques so you can work outside the comfort zone. With the right concentration and self-monitoring.
Become: An expert developer, know how to learn effectively.
How? Deliberate Practice Program, Well Defined Goals, Self-monitoring System, Coaching and Feedback.


Problem: Not knowing how to share, Sharing without results.
Solution: Learn to share effectively.
Become: Important to your community and audience, stand out. Become a local celebrity!
How? The Blogging Plan, Effective Presentations Training, Listening to Your Audience.


Problem: Not having direct access to a community.
Solution: Learn to build communities effectively. Connect with existing communities.
Become: An ally of communities, expand your reach, find and meet peers that will empower you.
How? Creating Communities Blueprint, The Open Source Developer Plan, The User Group Leader Plan.


Problem: Developer hate selling, think that selling is evil and wrong.
Solution: Understand that selling is transforming people's lives. Real celebrities sell, a project, a technology, an idea.
Become: Bring real transformation to others.
How? The Transparent Selling Plan, Digital Content Launch Plan, Getting people to take Action.


Problem: Reach lots of people and transform lives
Solution: Learn to use technology to scale, understand how to transform lives.
Become: a Developer Celebrity. Work in great projects, with great people!
How? The Developer Webinar Checklist, Email Automation Plan, Social Media Tips and Tricks

How the program works:

3 months program (2 months of lessons, practice and individual projects, one month for group project)

Exercises, content, step by step processes: apply the knowledge to acquire skills

Weekly live meetings:
get your questions answered

Practical projects: acquiring skills, with help and support

Group project:
working together to grow together

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Working with Bruno at TCDB was an amazing experience. After applying the concepts taught by him, I could celebrate an outstanding amount of accomplishments:

- My blog now reaches thousands of readers monthly
- Was invited to write a book about JavaEE, my focus area
- Became a track leader in TDC, the largest developer conference of Latin America
- Invited to give classes for graduate studies in an university
- Became an Oracle Developer Champion
- Received (and accepted) an offer to work for Oracle, as a technology evangelist

Elder Moraes (Oracle Technology Evangelist)

- Found my focus and created the
- From nothing to almost 1000 followers on Twitter in 3 months
- 10+ talks in communities and events
- Launched a blog that is now attracting 20 thousand views/month
- Recognized by several of the top Java developers in the world
- Interviewed several top Java developers for my project
- Received many job opportunities to work in Ireland (my dream was to move there)
- Presented for the first time in English (Java USA Tour, 800 participants)
- Created more than 50 Java Challenges (#100DaysOfJava)
- Many world wide top Java developers now follow me
- The Dublin JUG Twitter follows me (helped a lot my dream to move to Ireland)
- Created an email list and now have 400+ people registered on it
- Moved to Ireland, my big dream!

Rafael Del Nero (Creator of the

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