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Monday, June 26, 7pm Central

Yolande Poirier
Becoming a Champion of Java!

Share with the world what you know, be a recognised specialist and have people reading your posts. Turn your Java knowledge into help to other developers. Get your open source projects used. Yolande Poirier manages @Java on Twitter, and will give you all the tips for you to be a Champion of Java, and grow your career on the way!

Tuesday, June 27, 7pm Central

Ean Schuessler
Your Browser on my Virtual Machine

Developing Java Web apps, but having to deal with JavaScript? In this fun talk, Open Source Java Developer Ean Schuessler discusses how you can bridge this two worlds using Nashorn and the ideas of Polymorphic Applications. Ean will even throw in some of his experience developing realistic humanoid robots. That should make a great talk even better!

Wednesday, June 28, 12pm Central

Otávio Santana
Open Source, Java 9 and NoSQL

To be a great developer we need to work in cool projects with amazing technologies. Nothing beats open source to give us access to cool projects. And two of the most interesting technologies of the moment are Java 9 and NoSQL! Java Champion and OpenJDK committer Otávio Santana will bring those 3 topics together in a interactive coding session. Grab your lunch and choose the best seat!

Thursday, June 29, 7pm Central

Bruno Souza and Ruslan Synytsky
Java, Containers and DevOps

Many things will impact our development, but delivering our code is a major part of our success. And the technology that is changing everything in this area is software Containers. Java Champion Bruno Souza and Container Specialist Ruslan Synytsky will join together to get you up to speed with everything you need to add containers to your Java project, from the technology to the pitfalls. You will leave this talk running your own containers!

Friday, June 30, 7pm Central

Leonardo Lima and Eder Ignatowicz
Internet of Things and Web Development​

Two areas of software development that are AMAZINGLY important now and in the future are Internet of Things and Web Development. Both seem deceptively simple, but pose big challenges for developers! Java ME Specialist Leonardo Lima and Java Open Source Developer Eder Ignatowicz will bring their experience in cracking those nuts, to help you solve problems in your own projects!

Saturday, July 1st, 10am Central

Bruno Souza
Java Developer Career

The best way to improve as a developer is to work in amazing projects, ​with teams of great developers. And the way to get into those teams is... Being a great developer? How does that even makes sense? Java Champion Bruno Souza spent 20 years helping developers improve their careers and will give you the exact steps you can follow to shine in yours!